CHERRYNOTCHERRY brings innovative ready-to-wear clothing to your wardrobe whilst keeping sustainability at the heart of the brand. With more and more consumers being aware of the environmental impacts of the fashion industry, we’re here to tackle the fashion sustainability crisis, one cherrynotcherry garment at a time.

Making sustainable clothing look stylish and classic, we’re all about making getting dressed easier. With trend pieces only lasting a single season in many people’s wardrobes, we’re going for a ‘slow-fashion’ approach as our products are designed to last years, through careful design and quality!


Meticulously designed in-house by our designers, our clothing pieces are on trend yet made to last. With the rise of capsule wardrobes, consumers favouring quality over quantity and shoppers being eco-conscious, we have dynamism sewn into each garment we design.

Every product is eloquently made to be versatile and longwearing so it can be worn between seasons and over many years. So in many years to come, we’d like for you to see your cherrynotcherry garments still hanging proud in your wardrobe and of course, still well-loved.


CHERRYNOTCHERRY is part of the eco movement in the fashion industry and making waves to encourage buyers to shop smarter. Sustainability is the frontier of the brand, making sure we are being responsible in production and reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can.

Our main way of supporting this mission is by using sustainable, recycled, deadstock, organic and/or upcycled fabric in all of our products. This means that every time you purchase a piece of CHERRYNOTCHERRY clothing, you are helping the planet too. It’s a win-win!

We are committed to manufacturing all of our styles in ethically certified factories within the UK. Our aim is to utilise the skilled labour on our doorstep, which dramatically reduces our carbon footprint.

All CHERRYNOTCHERRY orders are shipped in recycled packaging, ensuring you receive the sustainable clothing experience from start to finish.

And wait… there’s more! Our partnerships and pledges to charities that also support our mission are just the cherry on the top. We’re committed to supporting organisations that have the same vision as us. We’re always looking to do more so if you have any other ideas, just shout!


Wondering how to master timeless style? Look no further than CHERRYNOTCHERRY!

Timeless style is an elevated classic fashion style that ceases to go out of style or look outdated. It consists of levelled-up basics, sophisticated centrepieces and elegant outfits that avoid specific seasons and short-lived trends. Embrace slow-fashion and shop smarter with our products.

Our designers curate our clothing collections so that the pieces can be worn time after time without looking dated or tired. This helps support and reduce the waste that comes from the fast-fashion industry as we’re aiming to do the exact opposite.