Did we mention that sustainability is at the heart of our brand?

cherrynotcherry are a sustainable UK-based fashion brand that are taking over wardrobes one sustainable garment at a time. We are committed to keeping our brand as eco-friendly as possible from production to delivery whilst reducing the waste that comes from the fashion industry.


All of the cherrynotcherry garments are made from a variety of sustainable fabrics. The five main sources are:

Recycled: Using locally sourced yarn made from 100% recycled fibres. Reducing our carbon footprint and being a circular brand, in a circular community, encouraging consumers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainable: Seeking locally sourced fabric and only using and supporting eco-friendly dye houses that are using less water, less energy and less chemicals.

Deadstock: Fabric that has been cancelled, neglected or not deemed to be ‘in fashion’ anymore and we’re giving it a new lease of life and saving it from going into landfill. We believe that style comes from confidence and within the wearer so owning and promoting a deadstock fabric not only feels powerful but is powerful for the message it conveys.

Organic: Making sure any grown fibres we use are coming from certified organic fields and mills, working with fairtrade practitioners. We use organic to eliminate highly toxic substances from the environment and so that it is better for you, as the wearer.

Upcycled: Doesn’t necessarily relate to fabric itself, however, giving garments a makeover to be loved again. This also means that these pieces will be more unique and exclusive. There’s something special about upcycled pieces as they often look and feel one-of-a-kind, making it a truly distinctive piece in your wardrobe that you can wear time after time.


To ensure our carbon footprint remains as low as possible, we are committed to ensuring our clothes are manufactured in the UK in order to support the local communities and the UK workforce. Not only does it help safeguard local jobs, but we can also utilise the skilled and expert labour we have within our communities. We also make sure our factories and supply chain pride themselves in being ethical, to support our vision and ethos.


We want to ensure our product is sustainable from start to finish, so when you receive your cherrynotcherry order, you’ll notice that the packaging is 100% recycled!

We’re ensuring that your order reaches you in recycled cardboard, plastic or paper so we can continue the circular experience of cherrynotcherry. We’re also working closely with our delivery partners to ensure they are using green energy to deliver to your door.


For each cherrynotcherry order placed, we pledge to donate a portion of the proceeds to our charity partner, Empower AS. The charity focuses on plastic waste and making a real impact on the environment. This means you’ll be supporting the cleaning of plastic washed up on shorelines and river sides that harm the local biodiversity as well as creating employment for marginalised communities who are hired as collectors. The plastic waste that is collected by the charity is recycled and sold on, enabling new products to be made, creating a circular movement.

The ethos of Empower AS is similar to ours. We give fabrics and products a new lease of life to ensure there is minimal waste and that we are supporting our planet is one of the best ways possible!